Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Studying with Jennifer Evenhus...

Three days spent learning more about 
"The Beauty of Imperfection"
with nationally recognized pastel artist
Jennifer Evenhus
was the ultimate in practicing being Brave, 
while exploring being Bold. 

Day 1 we started with value studies
and did thumbnail sketches.

To explore the composition of the landscape,
 I used charcoal, black marker, and pencil.

These warm up exercises had specific guidelines to follow for color choices.

I chose a to try a black marker to block in my darks before applying the pastels.

Each study was timed.

Choosing from our favorite smaller 10 minute color study,
 we then did a larger 20 minute version.

Day 2 and 3 were filled with more exercises and practice.

We all enjoyed watching and learning from Jen's demo's.

and also learned from each other while sharing our work and doing critiques.

Now it's time to keep practicing as we continue to search for our artistic voices!

We took time for an adventure out,
 when we had the pleasure of visiting 
for lunch one day.

What a joy to meet new artists and reconnect with some as well!

Thank you Jen for coming to 
and sharing your talent and knowledge!

To learn more about Jennifer Evenhus art go to 

To find out about more opportunities at 
The Studio on the Knoll,

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Revisiting Painting Studies...

Being a hot summer day today,
 Deanna and I chose to stay in the studio to work.

We both worked in pastel,
Deanna working on a painting she had started 
on location in July.

I decided to revisit a study that I had done last year in a Susan Ogilivie workshop.
Susan had helped me with some details on the sketch and the painting.
 This piece has been up in my studio ever since as inspiration, with the thought of trying it again.
 It's such a great learning experience having an artist help with a painting,
 however once they have put marks on the painting, 
it is no longer your own, it is truly just a study.

Here is what the revisited version is looking like...
I am working at using more color and making more confident marks.

Now it's time to set it aside and come back with fresh eyes to see if it feels finished.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Chasing the Light with Tony Allain...

Taking a workshop with Tony Allain was an amazing opportunity!
He is from the UK, and took time to come to Oregon on his trip across the country.
He told us on Day One that he would take us through a few doors we may not have been.

He was right about that!

Tony showed us through his many demos,
 lessons to apply to our paintings that would help them be filled with color and light.

He talked about how getting back to the basics 
of sketching and drawing,
is a very important part of the process of painting.

As we worked on "loosening up", 
we did studies to practice making fewer, 
more expressive marks, to tell a story.

Tony covered many skills to create landscapes.
 That included sunsets, mountains, water and figures in the landscape. 

I loved this excercise, 
and am excited to explore using these 
creative figures more in my work!

A learned a lot watching Tony add marks to my painting 
that would make it sparkle.

Now it's time to get to work and create!

To see more of Tony Allain's art, visit his webiste at

 to see all the opportunities they have to offer.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Art at Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith...

The opening reception was a great way to start out my month long exhibit at
Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith.

I enjoyed sharing this special time with friends and family, 
and meeting new people as well. It's fun to share a bit about my art, 
 talking about process, technique,
 or the experiences behind the creation of a paintings.

The recently finished pastel painting that just came off the easel, is titled
"Revisiting Delight".

A few years ago my art sisters and I searched out a place to spend 
an art day together.
We spent the day sketching and
at Silverton Park.
As the afternoon got warmer, the children came down to the creek 
to wade in the water. Suddenly, memories stirred of enjoying this same spot when 
I was a growing up......doing  just that....
cooling off on a summer day, playing in the creek.
What delight!

This place continues to call me back, time after time,
 and has become a special spot to revisit.

 My daughter, granddaughters and I have shared
many "Grandma Days" making new memories there.

Thanks so much to all those who came by on the opening night to help me celebrate.

Along with the pastel paintings avalable,
 there are also some of my oil and cold wax pieces,
and a selection of art greeting cards too.

The show and sale continues through June 28, 2017 downtown Salem at
Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith
216 Commercial NE

Saturday 10AM - 3:30PM
Sunday  Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10AM - 5:30PM
Wednesday  10AM - 5:30PM
Thursday  10AM - 5:30PM
Friday  10AM - 5:30PM

Don't miss the "little landscapes" in the front display window.

If you get a chance to stop by and see,
 please take a minute to sign my guest book!