Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I spent the day yesterday sharing time with my daughter and granddaughters. It was a "Grandma Day" as the girls call it. I sure love making memories with these girls.

We ventured out to Mission Mill Museum to see the Quilts currently on exhibit. What an amazing site it is to view the history shared through the quilts made by courageous women who crossed the Oregon Trail. Little did they know their creations would survive to tell us a more clear story of what they experienced. Much thanks to Mary Bywater Cross for all of her valuable research and work in assembling this show. For anyone interested in learning more, her book Treasures in the Trunk has More history to discover.

We loved seeing the colorful fabrics in the quilts, some of which were hand dyed homespun fabrics. We admired the tiny, even handquilting stitiches on some of the quilts. It was so special to see pictures of the makers and their families, and read about their experiences.

So as we share time with our friends and family this holiday season, I am reminded of how precious the memories are that we are making in this day and age.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


What a joy it is to share art days with friends! The energy that is shared during the time together creating seems to nourish me in a way that is vital to staying healthy. My whole life I have needed to have a creative outlet. When I was a little girl, I remember one Christmas not only making gifts for everyone, but also rolling out those big blank roll ends that you could purchase from the Statesman-Journal to make my own wrapping paper. I recycled some left over paint that I found in the bascment, and went for it. It was random, no particular theme, design, or color. It was the process that was so nourishing.

So that brings me to thinking that it truly is the process that is so important in creating. I know that I hear this, and read this over and over. I am a believer! It is vital to who I am. I will continue to nourish myself each day in some creative way......

Thank you art sisters for another great day of creating together! Leslie, thanks for teaching us to make the beautiful snowflakes! It was a perfect way to start our day!

With the heavy frost melting off the trees outside, it looked like it was snowing, while we painted inside. Leslie and Deanna worked on watercolors......

I chose to revisit a composition that I have done before. The first time was on location on a summer day. I seem to be drawn back to it, even after painting it again in studio some months later. I started with a value study on Wallis Belgian Mist with gray tones in soft pastel.

I then went into it with water and liquified it. This is the first time I have attempted to put in the barn in this composition. I remember being totally taken with just the landscape when I originally did this painting. I hadn't even realized the barn was there until I went back and viewed my reference photos.

Time to start adding color....I started with some watered down acrylics, then on to my pastels.

It's nearly finished......time to pause and ponder over it for awhile. I have a spot at home that I will put it to view as I step through the next few days. It gives me a chance to see it with new eyes.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Downtown evening of Art....

It was a cold, crisp evening downtown last night for the Something Red Art Walk and reception. The participating merchants had their stores all decorated for Christmas and made us feel so welcome as we came through to see the art.

I took my daughter and granddaughters along and we had such fun creating Christmas cards with the special findings at each store. They loved the adventure of being downtown at night and seeing all of the holiday lights!

Self-guided tours will continue through Dec 31st.

There is an amazing variety of original Oregon Art to see.........Check it out if you get a chance!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Something Red

The Something Red Art Walk & Exhibit will be from December 7th through December 31st.

My pastel painting "Looking Back Again" will be on exhibit at Dave Wilson Designer-Goldsmith downtown Salem on Commercial Street.

For more information about the event go to