Monday, July 30, 2012

Life in the Valley....

I delivered my paintings for the upcoming show at River Gallery.....

Remember When
11x17 pastel

 Country View
12x17 pastel

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Below the cherry branches....

It  was a shady spot to paint....below the cherry branches
 My chosen scene to paint was the side of the garage nestled in the trees.
 Working on Wallis Belgian Mist paper, I started with a graphite sketch and liquified it with water.
 A liquid acrylic underpainting came next....
I got the first layers of pastel on while I was still there, however this piece will be another one to
 finish at home in the studio.
 It think it will be called "Cabin in the Woods", as it isn't feeling at all like the 
side of a garage!
 I'm also thinking about doing this scene again, only with morning light instead of afternoon light.
 I will have to consider doing a future post dedicated to finished paintings started on location!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peaceful Plein Air Painting.....

 A beautiful scenic view....
 of the lush farm land
 of our Willamette Valley
 from the grounds of the Mt Angel Abbey. 
Here's the scene I decided to focus on for a painting. 
 We had to pause to have some lunch before we got to work.
 Denise and Leslie....

 I started with a charcoal sketch
 then on to a sketch on Wallis Belgian Mist paper
 then on to an acrylic underpainting
 It was a productive day with a great start for a painting....
I will work on finishing touches in the studio at home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking Back

Looking Back

pastel on Wallis paper with liquid acrylic underpainting


 through Bush Barn Art Center's rental program

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kitty Wallis Workshop

 I spent three days with Kitty Wallis as we studied painting with a focus on plein air painting.
This charming home captured my attention, and became the subject for our work..
I really liked the quality of light in the scene as well.
 Kitty did a demo of underpainting  techniques....
 I admire her bold use of color!

 Mercury the cat was always close by....
 A lesson in color was covered in the studio.
We worked on finding colors with values the same.
Then saw the response of a medium value over light and dark values.
 Back outdoors on Day 2 for a demo with pastels....
 We worked on our paintings with Kitty assisting us with learning to
see the subject in terms of values.

 Jane at work in pastel....
 Marty at work in acrylic......
 Day 3 - I took the opportunity to try again in a larger format 24x36. 
This is my loose underpainting using the pure liquid pigments.
I will be processing all the valuable information Kitty has shared
as I continue to work on finding my color voice. I will remind myself 
to view the value, temperature and intensity of colors I am choosing 
to use in my paintings.

What a great experience to carry me forward in this artfelt journey!

For more information on Kitty Wallis workshops and her art go to...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sketching in the Gardens.....

 What a lovely summer day to be outdoors!
 A visit to Seabright Gardens today.
 After lunch in the gazebo...
 we spent some time sketching in the gardens.

 Deanna and Leslie at work...

 There are so many interesting flowers in their display gardens!
For more information about Seabright Gardens and what they have available go to....