Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peaceful Plein Air Painting...

Deanna and I revisited Hilltop Cemetery this week
and enjoyed another plein air painting day together.
The vistas are beautiful and what a peaceful place.
The weather was once again ideal....
In the low 80's with a pleasant breeze!

 I started working on a composition in my sketchbook,
then tried again in a larger charcoal sketch.
 Then on to a liquid acrylic underpainting....
It was way too messy to reveal,
So on to the finished painting...
 "Peaceful Place"
11x17 pastel
on white Wallis sanded paper

Now I am back in my studio working on
getting ready for an art project with my Granddaughters.
We are going to make art journals, starting with designing the covers.

I'm forever challenged with space in this Art Room.
A good amount of creative clutter is just part of the process.
It was the same story years ago when I was a quilter.

I enjoyed rotating my art this week. New pieces went to Bush Barn Art Gallery
and the paintings that came back home went up on my studio wall for a time.

Ahhh, the Joy of Art!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heading Home...

 Heading Home
11x17 pastel

I'm so honored to have been awarded First Place at 
Enid Joy Mount Gallery
Thank you Keizer Art Association!
Life in Oregon Show
September 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fields of Gold...

 "Fields of Gold"
11x17 pastel
on Wallis white sanded paper

It was a day of plein air painting with Deanna.

After working on my pastel painting I re-focused on a new vista,
and did a quick charcoal sketch just for fun.

I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the warm, dry weather.
It's feeling more like fall each day.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visual Artist Studio Tour...

Today was a perfect opportunity to visit with some our local artists,
check out their work and their creative space.....
The VAST Studio Tours are in full swing
and will be happening again in Salem tomorrow.
Next weekend will be the Silverton area with more artists to see!
My first stop was to Corrine Loomis-Dietz and her new studio....

Then on to see Dayna Collins....
at her Alley Art Studio
And a stop at mixed media artist Rebekah Rigsby's studio...

Then I ventured downtown to Red Raven Gallery and there were many artists 
working outside and inside the gallery.

Lorraine Dye
Jody Bartruff
There were many more artists find on the tour,
however with the time I had left I had to choose one more for today.
I stopped to see Bob Dodson in his studio with his mixed media work.....

Thank you artists for sharing your time and your talent with
our community!

For more information about these artists and others on the tour
check out the Artists in Action website

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SE Atelier Open House...

I made a trip up to attend Marla Baggetta's Open House
on Sunday. What a wonderful space she has created for
working and sharing!
It was a great opportunity to see Marla and watch her demo.
It's such a special treat to see admired artists creating and sharing
their magic with others.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sketching in the Garden...

After a greeting by the frogs in the Water Garden, my Art sisters and I ventured
deeper into the Oregon Gardens with our art supplies to spend some time
enjoying the lush landscape and beautiful plants all around us.

The Conifer Gardens captured my attention,
so I stopped and did some sketching.
The quiet energy surrounding these rock formations
mixed with the graceful trees was a
meditative spot to spend some time.

Here's my sketch....

Moving on we found Denise and Leslie working near these luscious zinnias!

Here's Denise's ink and watercolor...

Leslie worked in watercolor and ink as well...
Here's one of Leslie's nature journal pages....

Deanna worked in watercolor on several pieces....

I moved on to trying out some flowers too,
struggling with the detail of all those petals!
I do enjoy sketching, however I have gotten used to
working larger with my sketches to prepare for
pastel paintings. This was a good re-visit to more
detail and working smaller.
I do love the idea of nature journaling
and will practice more of this.
And some of the sketches could be
a great reference for larger paintings.
The Oregon Garden certainly is a great place
to visit. There is an endless amount of plants to
sketch and study!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Day of Art and Inspiration...

Wow! Color and Light!

It was the first day of school and my daughter Rachel and I made it a
Mom's day out. We went to the Portland Art Museum and spent several hours
in awe of all there was to see!

The California Impressionism Exhibition was still showing....

"Flowers Under the Oaks"
Granville Redmond
"Scrub Oak"
John Bond Francisco

Rachel's highlight of the day....
Vincent van Gogh
"Charrette de boef"
(The Ox Cart)
oil on canvas
I enjoyed seeing more of the permanent collection.

What an inspiring day!
Then back to town, and a Grandma Day at the house.....
We heard all about the first day of school for Lily and Gracie.
Gracie told us about leaf rubbings she did in class.
She went outside and brought in some leaves and showed us
how they used crayons on their sides to do colored rubbings.

The girls also tried out some new watercolors and watercolor paper.

Lily enjoyed using some pigma pens to draw with...

I was truly a day filled with Art and Inspiration!