Saturday, September 29, 2012

Peaceful Plein Air Painting...

Deanna and I revisited Hilltop Cemetery this week
and enjoyed another plein air painting day together.
The vistas are beautiful and what a peaceful place.
The weather was once again ideal....
In the low 80's with a pleasant breeze!

 I started working on a composition in my sketchbook,
then tried again in a larger charcoal sketch.
 Then on to a liquid acrylic underpainting....
It was way too messy to reveal,
So on to the finished painting...
 "Peaceful Place"
11x17 pastel
on white Wallis sanded paper

Now I am back in my studio working on
getting ready for an art project with my Granddaughters.
We are going to make art journals, starting with designing the covers.

I'm forever challenged with space in this Art Room.
A good amount of creative clutter is just part of the process.
It was the same story years ago when I was a quilter.

I enjoyed rotating my art this week. New pieces went to Bush Barn Art Gallery
and the paintings that came back home went up on my studio wall for a time.

Ahhh, the Joy of Art!!!

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