Sunday, January 6, 2013


I'm happy to say I am enjoying this New Year!
Goals are set to do at least a painting a week.
So far I am exceeding my goal with getting more than that accomplished.
Three new paintings are in the works....Two complete, and the third is nearly done.
It always seems important to walk away for a time and come back with new eyes for seeing those places that may need adjustments in value or color. It also helps to photograph the painting and view it on the computer. While on the computer, an adjustment to black and white sure helps to check values of the painting as well.

An art day this past week with my Art Sisters was a good movitation to CREATE. We all worked on different projects, but the energy was flowing well for all of us....

I started a new painting with a liquid acrylic underpainting before applying any pastel.

 Denise, Leslie and Deanna
Work in progress...Leslie's scratchboard study
Deanna's collage in progress...
Denise's acrylic on canvas in progress...

We took time to take a walk since it was a nice dry day!

Saturday was the reception for Keizer Art Association's Show

My daughter Rachel and granddaughters Lily and Gracie came along to share the afternoon.
 I was honored to recieve a 2nd Place Award for my pastel painting
 Also on exhibit in this show

And now I'm back in the studio
I will continue to CREATE!

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