Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making Pastel Poetry

I spent a weekend filled with art and inspiration attending 
Marla Baggetta's workshop Making Pastel Poetry at Oregon Society of Artists.

Marla shares so much valuable information for us artists wanting to be more successful in
expressing ourselves through our paintings.

We got to watch Marla demo and learned about starting with the biggest shapes, working quickly, blocking in color. Starting thin, with a light touch before adding more layers.

 I found that doing basic thumbnail sketches from our photos was a really good review for me. I typically to much larger sketches in preparation for a painting. 

I stretched myself in my studies by using much brighter colors and making loose, expressive mark making.

It was a wonderful group of artists to work with!

For more about Marla Baggetta's art and workshops go to

For more information about Oregon Society of Artists go to

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