Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Silver Falls Nature Illustration Workshop

 I spent a creative weekend with a talented group of artists at Silver Falls State Park. 
Our focus was native wildflowers as we explored techniques with graphite and watercolors.
Our instructor was nature illustrator, Catherine Alexander.

 Rachel is drawing the outline of her flowers on to a tracing frame.
 She transferred this drawing on to tracing paper so she could then 
transfer it to her watercolor paper.
Then comes the tonal graphite drawing.
 She added color over that with watercolor.

 I worked on a trillium...
 I first did a drawing in my sketchbook that I transferred
to watercolor paper. 
Then I did washes of watercolor over the tonal drawing.

 Leslie and her Mom at work...
 Leslie's Iris in progress
Denise's violet tonal drawing in progress.

Janet at work with a shooting star.
Catherine showing students work to the class.
 Right outside the classroom are many wildflowers in bloom.

 We went on a nature hike after breakfast on the second day.
 We searched for more wildflowers as we walked.

 Catherine paused to admire this old growth tree...

It was a great group to spend the weekend with!

And how special to have the opportunity to share this 
"artfelt journey"
 with my daughter Rachel.

 Silver Falls State Park is a 
 beautiful area to explore and appreciate!

To see more of Catherine Alexander's botanical illustration go to

For information about Oregon Botanical Artists go to

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

View from the Walk Bridge....

17 X 11" pastel
on Wallis sanded paper.

"Dream" was created in the studio from this reference photo taken from the walk bridge at Silverton Park. 
This place holds many memories....

Friday, April 19, 2013


12 X 18 pastel

This painting was started on location at Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge 
on a sunny summer day, and completed later in the studio.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


This art day with Deanna and Denise started with a loosening up excercise.
 Lots of paint, paper, meduim gel, watercolor pencils and crayons and a 4x6 blank piece of matboard.
The timer set for 8 minutes.
Ready, Set, Create....
After the timer went off, and we made sure that layer was dry,
we passed it on to the next person.
Ready, Set, Create....
We repeated the process until our original creations returned to us.
Here are our results....

After that fun excercise we all moved on to our own projects.
I am going for an urban landscape....

I sketched in my scene on Wallis Belgian Grey sanded paper with graphite.

A liquid acrylic underpainting came next.

Then on to layers of pastel.

A break in the weather called for a walk....

Yes, I would say that Art Days Nourish my soul! 

Friday, April 12, 2013


8 X 11 pastel

It's such a joy to me to share the art I create...
It is a heartfelt celebration with each painting that finds a home!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Tuition/Intuition: Works by Cynthia Herron"

 I attended the artist reception today for Cynthia Herron's solo show at
Chemeketa Community College.

 Cynthia will post a new question on the chalkboard each day during the show for viewers to respond to,
 and will post it this facebook page she created. 

Stop at Building 3 on campus and enjoy....

For more information about Cynthia's art and classes go to her website at 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mixing greens...

My daughter Rachel and I are getting ready to take a wildflower illustration workshop coming up in just a couple of weeks at Silver Falls with Catherine Alexander.
Our fun homework assignment is to create a basic green mix worksheet. 
So for Grandma day today we got out the watercolors and 
granddaughters Lily and Gracie joined in on the fun.

After doing our greens, Lily and Gracie explored whatever additional colors they wanted.

Here is Gracie's worksheet.... 

 Here is Lily's worksheet....