Sunday, April 14, 2013


This art day with Deanna and Denise started with a loosening up excercise.
 Lots of paint, paper, meduim gel, watercolor pencils and crayons and a 4x6 blank piece of matboard.
The timer set for 8 minutes.
Ready, Set, Create....
After the timer went off, and we made sure that layer was dry,
we passed it on to the next person.
Ready, Set, Create....
We repeated the process until our original creations returned to us.
Here are our results....

After that fun excercise we all moved on to our own projects.
I am going for an urban landscape....

I sketched in my scene on Wallis Belgian Grey sanded paper with graphite.

A liquid acrylic underpainting came next.

Then on to layers of pastel.

A break in the weather called for a walk....

Yes, I would say that Art Days Nourish my soul! 


  1. (Writing to you from Spain): I really enjoyed this post, and your dedication to posting in general. Hope we have a chance to connect over the summer.

  2. Thanks Sarah, It's such a delight to see your travel posts! I will look forward to hearing more when we get together and paint this summer! Let's make it happen!