Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Award Winners....

It was so exciting to learn that Lily won the People's Choice Award
for her acrylic painting "Henry"
at the Whimsical Show held at Keizer Art Association
today when we picked up our art from the July Show!
So here we are .....
Grandma Debbie with her 3rd Place Award,
Gracie with her Honorable Mention Award,
Lily with her People's Choice Award!

Go here to see the past post about the Whimsical Show

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Summer Sketches....

What wonderful summer weather to get out and enjoy!
 Pringle Park

 A visit and some sketching with Deanna....

A few days later....
An clear sunny day at Neskowin Beach!

I Shared the day with husband Robby...

And today was a Grandma Day at
Silverton Park
with Lily, Gracie
and daughter Rachel

Lily and I got out our sketch journals.
 Lily's sketch of sister Gracie....

Every day is truly a gift!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Summertime Grandma Day....

 We took our art supplies along today, 
found a nice spot along Mill Creek
to spend the afternoon.

Thank you Rachel, Gracie and Lily for sharing the day!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sketching Art Day....

It was a full day of art and friendship shared!
A meeting with the Oregon Botanical Artists in Portland

 A presentation on sketchbooks was the focus of the day.
Janene Walkky shared many of her sketchbooks and talked about
ways to get over the hump of sketching resistance.
 Many of the artists attending brought their sketchbooks to share.
Here is a page from Rene Eisenbart's sketchbook of her travel palette....
So many talented botanical artists, so much to share and talk about...
Leslie, Deanna, Janene, Aislinn, Denise, Janet, Rene

 After the meeting and a lunch out in the Pearl District, 
we headed out of town with a stop at Wilsonville to visit
Memorial Park for some time to sketch....
Here's a look at Leslie's sketch in progress...
 Deanna's thumbnail sketches....
 Denise's delicate study.....

 Here's my gesture sketch of the woods.....

"Relaxing and having fun....Being in the moment."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Red Ridge Farms...

Today I had the opportunity to get out and spend a day plein air painting
with art friend Sarah Peroutka who I met at a Brenda Boylan workshop a year ago.
We re-connected this year at a recent Casey Klahn workshop.
We met today at Red Ridge Farms in Dayton on this sunny summer day.
The lavender is in full bloom, and the views are fabulous.
Here are my studies...

After moving on to a new view, 
I sketched another composition with graphite.

 Thank you Sarah for making the day a special one!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Keizer Art Association's July Show is
 Lily and Gracie each entered this month.
In the center is Lily's acrylic on canvas titled "Henry"
 Gracie was the proud Honorable Mention award winner for 
 her crayon and watercolor titled
"Happy Town"
May husband Robby shared an exciting moment with me 
as I was awarded Third Place for my abstract 
pastel and sumi ink titled
"Scissor Happy"

For more information about Keizer Art Association go to...

Thursday, July 4, 2013


The new show at Bush Barn Art Center
is now showing through August 24, 2013
We all were happy to be attending the exhibition reception!
 Deanna and her upcycled art...
 "Blooming Joy" by Gracie
 "The Big Note" by Lily
 "Magical Summer" by Rachel
(Ink and Colored pencil on book pages)
Here is a closer look.....

My piece is called "Tree of Life and Time"
Here are some of the steps of the piece emerging...
A vintage frame, some select favorite buttons and keys from 
my collections, a scissor and thimble charm from my quilting days, 
an old "HOME" advertising needle threader,
a sunday school pin and an ID tag from childhood,
an inspirational quote saved from my Mom (1911-1997) that reads...
 "A cheerful heart makes it's own blue sky"

Bits of lace, some images torn out of magazines,
cut cardboard packing materials, torn grocery bags...
The foundation that I applied everything to was also recycled.
Here is a peek at part of the image underneath....
It was all assembled from items I had at home.
No purchase necessary!

There are also some pistachio shells, and a few petals from the pine cones
that keep falling in my front lawn. I thought they made for some added feeling of leaves on my tree.

Oh, and to add to the sense of time, there is an old family pocket watch.

Here is a closer look at my finished piece...
"Tree of Life and Time"by Debbie Robinson

Here are Lily and Gracie midway through their project.
They did an acrylic painting, then placed found objects
of similar colors within each shape.

We spent several Grandma Days working on this project!

for the opportunity to 
participate in this fun and inspiring show!