Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Art Studios at Mission Mill....

It was a fun evening shared
 attending the Reception for the newest exhibit at the

Moments of Nature:

We learned all about Printmaking at the lecture given by
Kathryn Cellerini Moore
 Catherine Alexander.

 We also were able to tour the artists studios upstairs 
and visit with the artists about their work.

This time spent together making new memories at this historical location 
is especially a treat for me as I spent several years in the 80's and early 90's working
and teaching quilting classes at Mission Mill in a shop called 
Thread Bear Studio. 
It was another creative chapter in my life that was an artfelt journey!

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bush Barn Art Center...

Be sure to take time to visit
during this holiday season.

You will find my pastel paintings upstairs in the Holiday Showcase.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Something Red...

 12th Annual Something Red 
Event is now happening in downtown Salem.
Check here for all the locations that are displaying art made by local artists,
and a map to go on a self-guided tour.

You will find my pastel "Endless Possibilities" on display at
270 Commercial St NE
through December 30th.

Endless Possibilities
12x18" pastel

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nature Sketching...

 The morning was shared with
Nature Sketching group.

Using a uni-ball pen and pastel pencils, I focused on some
colorful fall leaves that I picked up a few days ago.

I very seldom use my pastel pencils, except for signing my pastel paintings, 
however I was inspired to get them out and use them today after
 attending the Compass Gallery opening this week 
at the Willamette Heritage Center,
 seeing talented artist Lori Wallace-Lloyd's illustrations
of birds and other animals of the Pacific Northwest.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Holiday Showcase...

Salem Art Association
now has three gift themed exhibitions open
for the holidays.

I attended the Holiday Gala this evening 
and enjoyed the festive celebration.
I was thrilled to learn that my painting
"A Moment in Time"
had just sold as I arrived. 
What a special treat it was to meet the new owners and visit 
about where the painting may hang in their home. 
It is a Christmas gift for them, and what a gift it is for me as well.
It's such a great feeling to know that I have expressed something in my work that speaks to someone in a way that they want to continue to revisit and live with it!

(Yes, there is a big empty space behind me where the sold painting had been.)

There are many creative gifts available throughout the gallery ..... upstairs and downstairs.
I still have six paintings upstairs in the Holiday Showcase and two downstairs in the Gift Gallery. 

Be sure and make it one of your destinations during your shopping adventures.
The holiday exhibits are showing November 8th - December 24th, 2014

Changing Seasons
12x18" pastel

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall-Winter Exhibition....

Shared Adventures
12x18" pastel
See these paintings and more at
for the 
Fall-Winter Exhibition Season

A Moment in Time

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Congratulations Lily!

with my granddaughter Lily as
Artist of the month
for September 2014
Enid Joy Mount Gallery

Congratulations Lily!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


What fun it is to have the opportunity to put together a show from several years of
painting! This exhibit represents work over four years time of exploring pastels 
and working on finding my artistic voice through this versatile medium.

I appreciate all those that stopped by and shared the evening with me
to celebrate the opening of my month long exhibit downtown.  

Thank you to 
for this opportunity to be the Artist of the Month for
September 2014!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Wednesday...

I have a solo show now on exhibit at 
through the month of September 2014.
There are fifteen paintings on display and available for purchase.

11X17" pastel
Come celebrate with me during First Wednesday
in downtown Salem.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Art Adventures...

I spent the day with artist Susan Mitchell exploring some of the beautiful places
near her area. It was a perfect summer day for it!

She took me to some scenic places to capture some photos
for future painting reference.

Then we set up our easels to get to work.
It was a perfect outdoor studio with 
beautiful views, a light breeze, and shade!

Susan started with a watercolor underpainting,

before applying the pastels in this piece.

I started with a large charcoal sketch on newsprint paper

then moved on to my sanded paper 

 to do a liquid acrylic underpainting.

I will re-visit this pastel painting at home in the studio. 

Thank you Susan for the Wonderful Summer Art Adventure!

Check out her website at

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mood, Magic and Melody....

I recently attended a four day pastel workshop with artist

We explored creating paintings with expressive strokes,
 focusing on shapes and values, keeping in mind a strong composition.
 Listening to music and reacting to it as we became inspired, enabled us to
 add melody to our artwork.

Inviting abstraction into my work is exciting and and new,
so this was a journey that I was moving into with courage!

On Day 1 we started with four charcoal thumbnail sketches 
 working from a photo reference of dirt that we cropped.
I had way too much fun with the mark making, 
and ended up with a really busy painting!

Moving on.....
  trying again with a new view of the same photo reference,
 doing a charcoal thumbnail sketch.
 I seemed to do the same thing again,  
getting into making fun expressive strokes!
 So I simplified by
 using less colors
 to create this painting.....
I think it was more successful?

On Day 2 we focused on creating a mood using a landscape photo as a starting point.
We again did charcoal thumbnail sketches using three values.
We changed things up with each sketch,
 first sketching it as we see it, 
then changing one or more shapes,
then moving some objects,
then using opposite values.
Jennifer provided the landscape photo, so all of us were working with the same photo.
She did the assignment along with us. It was a lesson watching her work!
Here are my finished studies....

 It was wonderful to see how we all
 painted from the same reference photo
 getting so many different results.
 It's that joy of having our individual artistic voices!
I shared this class with so many talented artists!
The afternoon assignment was to use a radish photo as reference.
We started by doing four small color studies...
warm, cool, high key, and low key,
and only using ten strokes on each study.
Then we worked on a larger painting
and got to use 50 strokes! 
To finish the afternoon, we painted it again 
with a 10 minute limit.
What a great lesson....
I'm thinking that I need to take my kitchen timer into the studio and
do more of these timed paintings!

On Day 3 we used our own landscape photos for reference
first doing thumbnails to establish composition.
 We again had a timed limit to complete this exercise.
I was grateful to Jennifer for helping me through this piece.
She came to my easel and helped me simplify some of the areas
with her magic mark making!

On Day 4 we started the day doing a still life.
 Using all the skills we had learned in previous lessons.
All the studies were timed pieces, and we worked on letting go of detail.
After taking a break for lunch we came back ready to begin again.
The final assignment was to do a full size 12x18" or larger abstract piece.
 Everyone in the class was working on their paintings

doing amazing things 
while I was

It seemed I had come to a disturbing creative block
trying to do abstract thumbnail sketches,
once again using the "dirt" reference photo.
After doing four small sketches with no feeling of success,
I had to approach Jennifer and cry out for help!
She joined me at my easel and guided my through
visually simplifying my reference photo.
I decided to once again work on charcoal "thumbnail" sketches,
however this time I opened my full size newsprint pad and went bigger!
This seemed to help me as I was breaking through being stuck.
At last, I decided on one of the charcoal sketches to pursue
for this painting assignment.
Here is my sketch and underpainted paper ready to go
I really wanted to make a "masterpiece", as Jennifer kept mentioning we were creating.
So I "Let Go" and began making marks
reflecting on all that we had learned and practiced
through these days together.
The breakthrough was powerful and emotional!
Who would have thought that
can be so hard,
 so exhausting,
so moving,
so exhilarating,
so joyful,
so magical!
Thank you again
 Jennifer Evenhus 
for coming to Oregon to guide us through this
journey of creating
Mood, Magic and Melody....
Happy Painting!