Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow Day....

With the winter storm it's impossible to get out today,
so what a great time to spend at the easel creating florals!
I looked through my reference photos for inspiration.


 These are small pieces done on white 
Wallis sanded paper mounted on foamcore.
Both paintings were started with loose acrylic underpaintings
before applying the soft pastels.

 "Peace & Gratitude"

"Blossom & Flourish"

It was a treat to be inside working with all this color when 
outside there is so little of it!

We are just a few weeks away from the first signs of Spring!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


pastel study
currently on exhibit
at the
 2014 Wild Women Show
through February 28th

"Sisters" was a study exploring doing figurative work. 
Recently my older sister was in my studio looking at paintings
and I was very touched by how she stopped several times to admire this piece.
She shared with me then that it was reminiscent of her and I years ago. 
I painted it from a reference photo that I had randomly took when on an outing
to a local farmers market. I always loved the feeling of the moment captured with the lady
and child holding hands. 

Here I am at four years old with my sister Janet on her wedding day
December 20, 1958


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gracie's Art...

 My Granddaughter Gracie just turned 11 years old last week.
She has been enjoying art for several years now. 
She entered an acrylic painting on canvas in the currrent show
at Keizer Art Association.
They are wonderful to give children the opportunity to be a part of
the art community and share their art.
Today the juror was local artist Kathy Haney. 
She gave Gracie a Jurors Award for her painting
"Growing Spirit"

 Here's Gracie with her Mom Rachel and sister Lily....
 Gracie's art will be on exhibit through February 22, 2014.
 Gracie also had the honor of having her work on the
show card announcing this months exhibit.
 She created this painting in acrylilc on canvas using a palette knife.
"Windy Day"
 was part of the Celebration of Flowers Show
in May 2013

Congratulations Gracie!
Happy Painting!