Sunday, March 30, 2014

Journey & Thrive...


The title of this painting seems to express life for me!

Here are some process photos....

 I used some of my pictures of echinacea in full bloom 
for reference. I did a liquid acrylic underpainting on 
mounted Wallis Belgian Mist sanded paper. 
 then began laying in layers of pastel

"The secret to being happy
accepting where you are in life
making the most of every day."

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lily's Art...

My granddaughter Lily recently captured a wonderful memory of
our "Grandma Days" that we share once a week.
She entered her piece in the current show at 
that will run through March 22, 2014

 Rachel and granddaughter Lily
at the gallery.
Lily's drawing titled "Grandma Day"
captures three generations.
Her sister Gracie is drawing, her Mom, Rachel is knitting,
and Grandma Debbie is sketching.
We sure enjoyed these cool days keeping warm by
the fireplace. Lily worked on this drawing for several weeks.
She brought it with her each week and continued to add 
more details and color. It was delightful to see it come to life!