Monday, July 21, 2014

Field to Studio Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a three day workshop last week at Emerald Art Center with artist
focusing on "Field to Studio" work.

We started our journey in the classroom working with photographs, studying compostition by doing studies of shapes and values, then simplified it by doing a notan. We then could see if our composition would work well to use in a painting. 
We packed up our supplies and went out on location to put this skill into practice, then to take it one more step by doing a color study out in the field.

Marianne did an inspiring demo for us,
and gave us valuable help and encouragement.
Day 2 we met at Delta Ponds City Park for more field study work.

We shared the time with the wildlife while doing our studies.

This was a first for me. A RED dragonfly!
This Blue Heron was in site the entire time I was there working on my scene.

With this field work complete, we headed back to the classroom to learn about underpainting techniques and to paint a painting using our studies as reference.
I started a 9x12" painting using a watercolor underpainting on mounted white Wallis sanded paper,
then continued to explore this compostion with my pastels.

Then on Day 3 in the classroom,
 Marianne did a underpainting demo using hard pastels and alcohol.

 Using my field studies from Day 1 at Delta Ponds City Park,
I layed in an underpainting, layer by layer with alcohol.

A completed underpainting to continue to explore with pastels....

So much information was shared, along with inspiration and skills to continue this art journey
with a sharpened artists eye!

 Thank you Marianne!
Visit Marianne's website

Thank you
 Emerald Art Center 
for offering workshops with wonderful artist's who are also great teachers!

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  1. Great pictures, Debbie. They are a great visual story of the workshop. So happy you were part of the class!