Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seasons Greetings....

What a glorious time of year it is celebrating the holidays!

 Christmas projects are finished and gifted.

It's time to think about what comes next...

A year ago I started a vision board to help me continue on a positive, inspirational journey. 

It seems just right to hold on to December's inspiration
while moving forward in these creative journeys.

We are just a few days away from starting a New Year!

Best Wishes to all...
"Be Grateful"
8x12" pastel

Friday, December 4, 2015

Something Red...

is now happening in downtown Salem. 

You can find my pastel painting at 

"Patience and Understanding"
18 x 12" pastel

Visit the event website at
to see all the downtown merchants that are displaying 
works of art.
You might find a unique gift for someone special while supporting a local artist too!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Holiday Showcase....

Here's a peek at the 
happening thru December 24, 2015.

Enjoy shopping from a selection of many unique gifts made by local artists.

You will find three of my paintings
upstairs in the gallery.

8 x 6" pastel

"Seeing the Life You've Dreamed Of"
12 x 18" pastel

"Embrace the Moment"
6 x 8" pastel

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Finding Your Voice....

I've been thinking a lot about
 this journey of
"finding your voice"
with having endless possibilities to explore.

With the seasons changing I also look forward to new chapters in life.
With these cooler, wet, gray days I find it a comfortable time to nestle in and do some reflecting. I don't mind the darker days. I have always found it to be inspiring for getting into projects and creating.

With pastels being my chosen medium I am enjoying the versatility of all that can be achieved with this dry pure pigment. I have been practicing some of what I have learned in the workshops that I had the pleasure of participating in this year. Between learning more about color from Marla Baggetta, trying chunky strokes...the suggestion of Stan Sperlak, and searching for my voice after studying with Jen Evenhus, there is a lot to process and practice.

timed study...9 x 12" pastel
So with all this in mind, I will venture forward in my 
Artfelt Journeys....

and note some important things on my vision board
to remind me as I come in and out of my studio each day.

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Beauty of Imperfection with Jennifer Evenhus

Spending three days studying with 
 in her workshop
has opened my eyes to
 a new way of looking for inspiration
and appreciating abstract art.

Jennifer kept us motivated with her great demos
and had us doing valuable lessons to practice what we were learning.

As we worked, we were thinking about 
and expression
 in our mark making.

A photo of wild flowers was our reference for this exercise
that we did in four different color palettes. 

Jennifer reminded us to "put it down and leave it"!
After this piece, I was loosened up and feeling free to explore more.

Another timed exercise was with still life objects
having only 10,8,6 then 4 minutes to work on each piece.
Keeping it simple, we were to choose only three objects.

We worked on many different studies and exercises, 
my favorite was when we used 
 Jen's provided reference photo of fish,
 in combination with a bit of inspiration from a 
walk outside the art center.

Here's the quick reference sketch I did while outside observing.

 Back inside, I chose a limited amount of colors to use, along with a stick of charcoal.

Work in progress....


It was a challenging and invigorating experience!

I enjoyed working with this creative group of artists.

We allowed ourselves permission to play
while we also talked about,
thought about
 and worked on
"Finding Our Voice".

to learn more about 
Jennifer Evenhus
workshops and her art!

For more information about 
Emerald Art Center 
go to

Jennifer is such an outstanding teacher, and the energy in this group was contagious. You could feel the passion for the medium and the desire to
"Find Our Voices"!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Silver Creek...

One of my favorite places to spend time is near the water 
 where I can hear it running down the creek.

This week I was lucky to have that opportunity, while
 also sharing the time with my daughter and granddaughters. 
It was cool and comfortable along Silver Creek on a hot summer day.

It's also a perfect opportunity to do some sketching and painting.

Lily found a good place to sit and sketch.

Being such a dry summer this year,
 I was able to find a place to set up in the creek
 where it would normally be all under water.

This was not our first time to spend an afternoon cooling off creekside this summer.
Here's some pictures taken in the same location several weeks ago in June.

I love this sketch that Lily did that day of me while I was painting.
She caught me in action before I took my hat off.

Silver Creek
12 x 8" pastel

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pen and Pastels....

The morning was spent in Deanna's yard with the 

I chose the Rudbeckia in full bloom to be my focus for a sketch.

I used a uni-ball Vision Elite 0.5 mm pen to sketch with.
 Make a mark...go with with more marks.
No time to ponder or erase. More chance to be spontaneous.

Then on to opening my new
 to explore a scene in pastel.

These two trees
 were acting as a viewfinder
for the scene that captured my attention.

I worked at making "chunky" marks,
practicing what Stan Sperlak had suggested to me in the recent 
workshop studying with him.

I stayed loose through the process
by keeping the composition simple and
doing my best to make confident marks. 

12 X 8" pastel on Pastel Premier paper