Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stan Sperlak Workshop...

What a great opportunity it was to study with
Stan Sperlak
in a three day workshop! 

We learned about the importance of value shifts,

and how to put these skills into practice in the field.

Here's Stan's demo in the afternoon on Day One...

We had a great start on Day Two with a demo on location at
Molalla River State Park.

Some time was spent putting more lessons into practice

before the rain started and we quickly packed up and went back to the studio
to continue to work on our paintings from memory.

Day Three Stan allowed us to ask questions
and he generously offered answers 
and did demos to show examples.

We also had the chance to get outdoors and do some painting
on the grounds around the studio. There were scenic vistas in every direction!

As the morning progressed, the skies became more dramatic!

This group of trees spoke to me,
so I spent time with them again today, this time
 working on isolating a tree and trying to make it appear to be in front of
the background trees by using values to accomplish it.
I will have to work on this lesson more!

My goal is to continue to paint and try to remember all Stan has taught us 
over this full weekend. He is such a great teacher and has shared so much knowledge
and skill with us!

Thank you Carrie for offering this workshop!

Be sure and visit
 to learn more about upcoming opportunities
and to see Carrie's art.

To see more about Stan's art and his workshops go to

Thank you 
Stan Sperlak
for coming to Oregon!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friendship and Plein Air Painting..

There is the planning, 
the beauty of the chosen place 
and then there is the creative energy shared as well.

"Bee Balm"
6 x 4" pastel

"In Full Bloom"
12 x 8" pastel

It seems like the perfect combination...
Plein Air Painting.

Thank you Deanna for a day of sharing!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Painting at the Beach...

For so long I have wanted to try rendering a beach scene in pastel.
This week there was an opportunity to good to pass up.
My daughter Rachel, and granddaughters Lily and Gracie joined me
for a trip to the coast to get away from the hot weather in the valley.
Every day this week it has been 90 degrees or more.
It was in the upper 60's at the coast and quite windy, so Rachel and I were happy to have
the patio umbrella along to break the wind and give us some shade.

Rachel and the girls brought along some "word rocks" that they had painted.

They went on a walk to scatter them for others to come upon and find.
The rocks had messages on the backs that said "It's for you",
with information where they could go online and tell about their finds.

Lily and Gracie found some good places to scatter some 
in between these bricks on this retaining wall.

I watched from the distance while I continued to work on my painting.

When I arrived home I was excited to see this package waiting on my doorstep.

A set of Great American pastels that I had ordered only two days before had already arrived!
They came complete with a
  color chart for all the colors that are available.

These are going to be a perfect addition to my palette.
Especially with this new Heilman double sketchbook size box.

Breaking the new sticks in 1/3 and 2/3,
 I will have some of the new pastels in each palette.
 I have discovered that the smaller size pastels
for the smaller paintings work very well.

The new box fits nicely in my portable "Samsonite" studio,
with a litte space to spare.

I'm feeling very grateful today with completing a beach painting
and having new art supplies to keep on creating!

Here is my studio vision board for July...

Being grateful makes each day even more special!