Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pen and Pastels....

The morning was spent in Deanna's yard with the 

I chose the Rudbeckia in full bloom to be my focus for a sketch.

I used a uni-ball Vision Elite 0.5 mm pen to sketch with.
 Make a mark...go with with more marks.
No time to ponder or erase. More chance to be spontaneous.

Then on to opening my new
 to explore a scene in pastel.

These two trees
 were acting as a viewfinder
for the scene that captured my attention.

I worked at making "chunky" marks,
practicing what Stan Sperlak had suggested to me in the recent 
workshop studying with him.

I stayed loose through the process
by keeping the composition simple and
doing my best to make confident marks. 

12 X 8" pastel on Pastel Premier paper

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