Saturday, March 19, 2016

Taking a break....

I have been gearing up for a month long solo show 
coming in April at
and also getting ready to deliver new work to 
Bush Barn art galleries. 

That means doing an inventory of my paintings, making decisions about
which pieces would display well together,
matting and framing new work for the gallery,
 and keeping my studio a comfortable working space.

I had the pleasure of taking a break, and spending the day with Denise and Deanna
having one of those great days of art and friendship!

Deanna is starting a new piece that will be very fun to watch emerge!

Denise is working on a botanical study of asparagus.

I re-visited a painting that was started a long time ago.
 I had a vision for this piece that I'm still working on finding,
hoping that it will emerge at some point.
After giving it a good amount of attention, I changed gears and decided to do something
different...something with no expectations....

A timed painting of Denise's tulips was fresh, bright,
 and perfect study for some
 looser mark-making, and letting go.

With this time away from planning and preparing,
I can now get back to getting ready for the show!

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