Sunday, April 24, 2016

Susan Ogilvie Workshop...

A full three days was spent over the weekend
studying with Susan Ogilvie.

She started us off with a demo,
explaining how important a preliminary sketch can be
to establish the composition.

And how practical, logical problem solving 
is the key to a successful painting.

 16 x 8" pastel
Susan Ogilvie

Day 1 
With Susan's help, I established my composition and painted a 12 x 9" study.

Day 2 - A Barn

Day 3 - Trees in the Woods

in progress...

What a great group of creative, motivated artists to work with!

Thank you Carrie for offering this workshop.

and Thank you Susan for coming to Oregon to share your knowledge and inspiration! 

To see more of Susan Ogilvie's work go to

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Time for Plein Air Painting....

It's exceptionally warm and dry for being April in the
Willamette Valley!
That is a sign that it's time to get out and break back into plein air painting, 
which means painting open air, or on location.

To me, this is the ultimate experience of bringing the essence of place to my paintings.
It has it's challenges, such as the quickly changing light, chance of weather changes,
 having all the right supplies along, to name a few.

Getting out to Schreiner's Iris Gardens
with friends Denise and Deanna, 
was a perfect trial run for the season.

Being a record breaking 84° day,
 finding a shady spot was priority for me,
 in choosing where I would focus for a painting.

Before getting started on my subject of blooming Lilacs,
Denise and I decided to let the shadows of the dappled light inspire us. 
We sketched and painted the dancing branches as the breeze blew just a bit.

After doing a very quick sketch of the Lilac in pen, I did a liquid acrylic
 underpainting on white Wallis paper.

I chose to work in two small sizes, 12 x 8" and a 6 x 4". 

"Lilacs in Bloom"
12 x 8" pastel

Along with the many varieties of Iris,
the display gardens are full of many 
other blooming companion plants,
bordered by established trees and shrubs.

 There will be more opportunities to visit
during their bloom season
May 6 - May 31, 2016.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Oil and Cold Wax....

I really love working with soft pastels 
and will continue to, however
the past year I've also been discovering that 
creating with oil and cold wax 
is another medium that I want to explore more.
Deanna and I have shared several days doing just that.

I have to admit that I like the messy part of creativity. 
This medium includes mixing the oil paint with cold wax and galkyd, 
then finding a nice consistency for applying to a wood substrate.
Mixing colors is something that as a pastel artist, I don't have a lot of practice with. 
Soft pastels are a dry stick that I can choose colors and apply without the skill of mixing paint.
So, even though there are some challenges, 
I'm loving this new journey. 
Using a pallette knife rather than brushes is an expressive way to apply the paint.
There is some patience involved with waiting for paint to dry between layers.
That just gives me time to go back to my pastels while waiting to put the next layer on the
oil and cold wax paintings!

8 x 10" oil and cold wax

"Grateful Days"
6 x 12" oil and cold wax

"Hopeful Dreams"
10 x 10" oil and cold wax
 "Awakening", "Grateful Days" and "Hopeful Dreams" 
are currently available at 
along with several of my pastel paintings.

You can also see some recent 
 small oil and cold wax paintings
 in my Solo Show at
 Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith
They sold the night of the
but will still be on exhibit,
 along with 19 of my pastel paintings,
that are all available for purchase.
The show runs through April 29, 2016
downtown Salem at 
216 Commercial St. S.E.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

"Afternoon Delight"....

Even though I wasn't feeling all that well yesterday,
  I couldn't imagine staying indoors
when it was so beautiful out.
I'm so glad that I took the time to get outside
while it was warm and sunny!

Keeping it simple, getting settled in with my sketchbook and a pen, 
I enjoyed admiring the blossoms as I sketched.
It got me inspired and motivated to bring out more art supplies for a painting.

 Warm 80° temperatures had the flowers all popping with color.

The tree peonies especially seemed to love it,
they opened up and 
seemed even more spectacular.

Using a mounted piece of Wallis paper,
I started with an acrylic underpainting to loosen up
and be ready to get out my pastels 
for some fun, colorful mark making.

Here's a few process photos...

"Afternoon Delight"
12 x 8"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Opening Reception....

It was a successful opening reception night
for my solo show.

Thank you to all who came to make it a special event.
I am delighted to have sold three paintings!

Thank you Dave Wilson for this opportunity to exhibit in your store with all your 
beautiful jewelery and exquisite stones.

The show will continue through 
April 29, 2016.

216 Commercial NE - Downtown Salem

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ready for the show....

Today was delivery day for my upcoming exhibit at
Dave Wilson Designer Goldsmith.

Here's one of the paintings included in the show
that I painted in two sizes.

Home Again
8 x 12" pastel
The larger one was delivered to Bush Barn this week, along with
seven other pastels and three new oil and cold wax pieces,
 for the Spring-Summer Exhibition. 

Being Home
12 x 18" pastel

Thank you Lily for your help today getting 
22 paintings up and ready for the show.

Now we can look forward to celebrating on 
First Wednesday,
downtown Salem,
at the reception.

Come join us!

April 6, 2016
5 - 8 pm