Sunday, April 24, 2016

Susan Ogilvie Workshop...

A full three days was spent over the weekend
studying with Susan Ogilvie.

She started us off with a demo,
explaining how important a preliminary sketch can be
to establish the composition.

And how practical, logical problem solving 
is the key to a successful painting.

 16 x 8" pastel
Susan Ogilvie

Day 1 
With Susan's help, I established my composition and painted a 12 x 9" study.

Day 2 - A Barn

Day 3 - Trees in the Woods

in progress...

What a great group of creative, motivated artists to work with!

Thank you Carrie for offering this workshop.

and Thank you Susan for coming to Oregon to share your knowledge and inspiration! 

To see more of Susan Ogilvie's work go to

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