Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday afternoon...

A pleasant day was spent with Denise and Deanna,
visiting and sharing art.
It makes for such creative energy when there is the opportunity to 
spend time working on art together with friends.

It was perfect weather to be outdoors!

Deanna and I found the giant cow parsnip to be a great subject.

I'm happy with the colors and composition of my painting,
but I think some more values would make it complete.

I'm looking forward to 
more plein air adventures 
 this summer!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Celebration of Flowers...

Thank you Nancy Ericksen-Ward for the 
Jurors Award 
at the Keizer Art Association's
Celebration of Flowers Show!

"Afternoon Delight"
12 x 8" pastel

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Poetic Landscape...studying with Barbara Jaenicke...

Attending Barbara Jaenicke's workshop at 
Emerald Art Center
was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about painting with oils,
as well as getting to work in my chosen medium of pastels.

After watching Barbara's pastel demo 
we worked on establishing a composition
 using the lessons she shared about
 proportions and a using a variety of shapes in our scene.

I cropped my photo and found five shapes to simplify my composition.

After blocking in the shapes with hard pastels, using a light touch,
then came the alcohol wash.

The alcohol dries quickly, and allows the next step of using the soft pastels.

On Day 2, after watching Barbara's demo in oils,
I decided to dive in and use my scene again, this time stepping out of my comfort zone, 
 painting in oils.

On Day 3 Barbara shared information on strokes and mark making,
and had us do some exercises to practice. 
This seemed like a good chance to see what more I could learn about painting with oils.
The four apples were each done with only 20 strokes each.
The landscape study pictured above it was done with 75 strokes.
Each was sketched in before starting to count.
With only a limited amount of strokes we had to make each mark count!

Along with how to make marks with a brush, I learned more about how to mix the paint, getting the right consistency of paint mixed with the medium, and how much paint to put on the brush.

This is just a brief overview of some of what Barbara taught us over the time we shared.
What a wise, thoughtful, sharing teacher!

She has inspired me to continue to stretch myself in this creative journey.
And to keep painting!

To see more of Barbara Jaenicke's work go to her website at

To find out more about Emerald Art Center
and all their workshops available
go to