Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Art day at Champoeg Park...

A favorite way to get started...a liquid acrylic underpainting.
Today was a day to relax and have fun.
I vowed to let go of expectations,
and work at being loose and spontaneous. 

My focus was the blooming Echinacea. 
I did a quick pastel sketch to play with colors,
 before starting on my painting. 

Denise enjoyed the Hollyhocks, and 
did a pencil sketch before beginning to  
add detail with watercolors.

A wonderful day shared
 in the 
Kitchen Garden
 Champoeg Park!

It's almost finished!


  1. Love your "quick pastel sketch" as well as the "almost finished"! Nice and loose, great composition. :)

    1. Thank you Pat! It helped so much to let go of expectations and decide to relax and have fun.