Sunday, July 23, 2017

Chasing the Light with Tony Allain...

Taking a workshop with Tony Allain was an amazing opportunity!
He is from the UK, and took time to come to Oregon on his trip across the country.
He told us on Day One that he would take us through a few doors we may not have been.

He was right about that!

Tony showed us through his many demos,
 lessons to apply to our paintings that would help them be filled with color and light.

He talked about how getting back to the basics 
of sketching and drawing,
is a very important part of the process of painting.

As we worked on "loosening up", 
we did studies to practice making fewer, 
more expressive marks, to tell a story.

Tony covered many skills to create landscapes.
 That included sunsets, mountains, water and figures in the landscape. 

I loved this excercise, 
and am excited to explore using these 
creative figures more in my work!

A learned a lot watching Tony add marks to my painting 
that would make it sparkle.

Now it's time to get to work and create!

To see more of Tony Allain's art, visit his webiste at

 to see all the opportunities they have to offer.