Saturday, August 5, 2017

Revisiting Painting Studies...

Being a hot summer day today,
 Deanna and I chose to stay in the studio to work.

We both worked in pastel,
Deanna working on a painting she had started 
on location in July.

I decided to revisit a study that I had done last year in a Susan Ogilivie workshop.
Susan had helped me with some details on the sketch and the painting.
 This piece has been up in my studio ever since as inspiration, with the thought of trying it again.
 It's such a great learning experience having an artist help with a painting,
 however once they have put marks on the painting, 
it is no longer your own, it is truly just a study.

Here is what the revisited version is looking like...
I am working at using more color and making more confident marks.

Now it's time to set it aside and come back with fresh eyes to see if it feels finished.

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