Sunday, May 27, 2018

Making Waves with Jeanne Rosier Smith...

I took on the challenge of painting movement and motion last weekend 
studying with Jeanne Rosier Smith at
Carrie Moore Studios,
learning about the anatomy of a wave.

We learned how important spending the time to do a thumbnail sketch can be.
Using charcoal pencils, one white, one black, was all that was needed on when done on toned paper.
It was a chance to focus on design, doing several thumbnails, and choosing the most successful.

Jeanne then continued her demo with showing us how she does her under paintings,
thinking about putting down what is underneath the foam of the wave. Liquefying dry pastels with alcohol, avoiding drips, and painting in the direction the water is moving. 
It was fascinating watching Jeanne create a masterpiece right before our eyes!

I felt I had accomplished a lot on my painting from Day 1.

Here are some process photos of my painting on Day 2.

We all reviewed our results at the end of each day.

Jeanne shared her knowledge, and so many techniques and tips!

For me, the reviewing the importance of thumbnail sketches and underpaintings, were valuable lessons that I came away with over the time spent together. I will be getting back to doing these steps of planning for more successful paintings as I continue on this art journey.

To see more of Jeanne's art visit her website at

Be sure and check out Carrie Moore Studios
 to learn about more opportunities to expand your art journey! 

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